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Selling Textbooks FAQs

How do I get paid for the books I sell to a DormBooks buyback agent?

When you sell back your textbooks you will immediately receive a text message with your buyback order number and dollar amount of the books your sold back. You will also receive an email confirming your name, buyback amount, and requesting your check mailing address or Paypal email. You have 2 choices for how to get paid:

1.) December Payment:  If you opt for December  payment, the check will be mailed as soon as buyback week closes to your home address. You will have your check before Chrstmas.

2.) January Payment: Or you can opt to receive more money (10% more) for your textbooks and receive your check in January. January checks are mailed out by January 31st.

**Why do we do this? By delaying your payment until January, you provide DormBooks with the opportunity to sell your books during the back to school rush. This provides us with a lower cost of inventory, and we share some of those savings with you in the form of a higher buyback price. ALL books are still sold in December, but you can delay your payment until January.


I cannot find my check or I’ve lost my check. Will you reissue one?

Absolutely. Please email with your name, school email, and buyback receipt number (if you have it) and we will send out a new check.


I have my check, but I’ve forgotten to cash it within 90 days of the check date. May I request a new one?

Absolutely. Please email with your name, school email, and buyback receipt number (if you have it) and we will send out a new check.

How do you determine prices?

Pricing is based entirely on demand. We can usually beat your local college bookstore on price, since your bookstore will only pay you a low wholesale rate unless they can immediately sell the item. Additionally, we have the largest buyback catalog on the web, so we can almost always make an offer.


How long does the entire process take?

After your buyback agents picks up your textbooks, they are sent via  FedEx to our warehouse in Illinois on the last day of finals. Once we receive your books (1-3 business days), it usually takes 1-3 business days to check-in your books plus an additional 1-3 business days to issue payment.


What books you do accept and not accept?

We accept US Edition Textbooks - these are the most typical books you find and include paperbacks, hardbacks, textbooks, and non-textbook items.

We do not accept the following:

- International Edition Books: Sometimes softcover, these books may have "ISE" printed on the spine, or the front cover May contain "International Edition" markings. This information will also appear on the title page of the book.

- Custom Editions: These textbooks are specifically printed for one college/university of one particular class. Since they cannot be sold nationwide to students at other universities, we cannot buy them back at this time.

- Complimentary Textbooks / Free Copy / Sample Textbooks:  They will contain markings or imprinted stamps displayed on the front or back cover, such as "Complimentary Copy," "Free Copy," "Instructors Edition," "Not for Sale," "Examination Copy," or "Instructors Review Copy".

- Annotated Instructors Editions: These are often marked as "Annotated Instructors Edition" or "AIE" and usually contain answers and/or instructors notes. Might also be marked "Instructors Copy," with answers included.

- Eastern Economy/Low Price/Indian Edition Textbooks: These books are a subset of international edition textbooks that are commonly softcover, printed on cheap paper, and contain only black and white photos and illustrations.


Buyback Agent FAQs

What is DormBooks?

DormBooks is a student-run textbook company. We buy books from college students at over 81 colleges nationwide. At the end of the semester we offer more money than the bookstore for your textbooks and we sell textbooks at the start of the semester for prices that are below bookstore prices.

During buyback we post all our buyback prices online so students can see how much they get before selling back their books, we offer free dorm room pickup, and best of all (because we are not buying back for just one university) we can offer higher buyback prices. 


What are we hiring for this December?

We hire students at each campus to spread the word and to perform dorm room pickups. We advertise on campus and drive students to our web site to find buyback prices for their textbooks and to select you (the buyback agents) to come by and pick up their books.


What would be my responsibilities?

1- tell all your friends. Use facebook, email your dorm, club, team members, etc - anyway you can get the word out that you are a buyback agent. If you are hesitant about reaching out to your friends and dorm-mates, you will find this job a bit difficult.
2- make yourself available during finals week so people so your friends, dormmates, etc can find you and sell their books to you.
3 - pick up textbooks. Use the buyback agent hub on your smartphone or laptop to look up buyback prices, enter in textbook isbns, student’s names, email address, etc. 
4 - pack up your books at the end of the week so our campus captains can pick them up and ship them to our warehouse.


How many hours will I work?

You can work as little/much as you wish. You supply us with your free hours and we put them into the online scheduler so that people can select you as their buyback agent. You can also work informal hours, just going around your dorm buying back textbooks from students that live in your dorm.


How much will I be paid?

You are paid 10% of the total value of the books you buy back. Last May, the average buyback agent earned $172, and the top agents made over $800.


Will I be handling cash when buying back textbooks?

No; DormBooks mails a check to each of your buyback customers once you give us the books you bought back. You will provide your customers with a buyback receipt with their buyback order number and buyback total. Also, as soon as you submit a buyback through the online buyback agent hub, your customer will receive an email confirmation with a list of the books they sold back and buyback total. The email will also include instructions for how to submit their home mailing address (so we can send them their check).


Why is the difference between the December and January buyback price for a textbook?

If students choose the December payment, they will receive the regular buyback price and receive their check within 1-2 weeks of selling back their books.
However, students can also choose to be paid in January, which means they get 10% more money for their books and their check delivery is delaying until the end of January.


Can agents buy back their own textbooks?
Yup! Agents do not need to find another agents, they can buy back their own textbooks.
Can I buy back books from people who don't go to my school? 
Yup! You can buy back from any individual, no matter their student status or location. Just make sure you are to turn in their books at the end of the week.

Can I buy back non-textbooks?
Yup! Any book with an ISBN is eligible for a price quote. This usually includes items like iClickers.
My login or agent accout is not working, what should I do?
First, make sure you are  loggin in at with your email and password. 
Please use Chrome or Firefox as the website is tailored for those browsers. Clear your history and cache and restart your browser and try to login or use the agent account again.
Is there a way to guarantee that DormBooks is offfering hiring buyback prices than the bookstore?
Unfortunately the university bookstore does not publish it's prices online, therefore forcing students to take all their books to the bookstore to get a buyback quote. DormBooks publishes all it's prices online so students can see what they would get for their books before selling back to a buyback agent.
Where can I find the ISBN?
Usually the ISBN will be located on the bar lower right hand corner of the textbook, next to the barcode. The ISBN13 begins with 978.... If you cannot find the ISBN on the back of the textbook, look on the inside few pages of the textbook (where the publisher information is located).

Where do I store the books before the end of the week (before the buyback captains pick them up)?

We will supply you with a box (and tape) that you will use to store the books until the end of the week (or last day you are working).


What are the best days to work?

We strongly encourage you to work the last two days of finals week. Most textbooks are sold back during these two days and you May be unhappy with the number of textbooks you are able to get if you just work the beginning of finals week.