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Buyback Agent (10% commission)

Buyback agents buy back textbooks from students at their college/university. Agents advertise themselves as textbook buyers to their fellow classmates, dorm friends, friends, club members, fraternity/sorority members, etc. Students can also look up buyback prices on the DormBooks website before selling back to a buyback agent.

Buyback agents earn a 10% commission on the value of the textbooks they buy back. Agents typically make $12-$18/hour depending on their involvement (telling their friends, sending out dorm emails, changing their facebook status, etc).

Buyback agents choose their own hours. You can work as little or lot as you wish, allowing you to schedule around your exams and study times. Agents are paid a commission and are not paid hourly.

Buyback agents DO NOT need to use their own funds to buy backs books; DormBooks pays students directly via check.

Buyback Captain ($10/hour)

Buyback captains distribute buyback agent supplies and assist in transporting and shipping the agents' boxes of picked up books at the end of the week.

Captains are most busy the last 2 days of finals week as they pick up boxes and take them to the local FedEx or UPS store location to ship the books to DormBooks using prepaid shipping labels.

Captains report their hours to the local regional manager and are paid hourly. Supplies distribution usually take 2-4 hours, and FedEx box shipment usually averages 45min per agent (some campuses have 8-10 agents, other campuses will have 25-30 agents.

Buyback captains are hired from the pool of buyback agents hired at a particular university. If you wish to be a buyback captain, you must first apply to be a buyback agent.